A radio station with music and memories from the 50’s and 60’s.

Inspired by the high power radio stations like XER, XERA, XERB and XERF broadcasting from across the Mexico/USA border and the European offshore stations like Radio Caroline, Radio England and Radio London that broadcast from the North Sea.

Heard of Wolfman Jack or Rosko?

Have you seen and enjoyed the films American Graffitti [DVD]or The Boat That Rocked [DVD]

Remember American diners, hot-rods, Ford Thunderbirds, mini-skirts, drive-in movies, and listening to the radio late at night. Or maybe you rode a Vespa or Lambretta, listened to soul music in cafes, and wore a two-tone suit?

Even if you are too young to have memories from the 50’s and 60’s, XeRW will take you back to those times when things really were new and exciting.

So as the Beach Boys said, let’s have some Fun, Fun, Fun!


XeRW is streamed by Radionomy from servers situated in France & Belgium.
The royalties on all music played on the station are paid by Radionomy through an agreement with SABAM (SABAM is the Belgian association of authors, composers and publishers). For more information visit Radionomy’s website. If you believe that your copyright was infringed, email radio@welshbrook.co.uk and we will look into the matter. However, please check beforehand to see if copyrights have already been paid by Radionomy to SABAM.

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