How To Listen

On your PC:

Just type the following URL:

into Windows Media Player (FILE: OPEN URL) or into any other music player that plays streaming audio such as Winamp or VLC media player. Linux users can use any of the installed media players such as VLC, Amarok etc, or maybe try Radio Tray. Apple Mac users could try Radioshift™, which is powered by the TuneIn Radio database (see below).

Unfortunately, due to issues beyond our control, XeRW no longer appears automatically in iTunes. However it is easy to stream the station by following these steps.
1) Open iTunes
2) Click on the + symbol at the bottom of the left hand column
3) Click New Playlist
4) Name it XeRW
5) Go to File tab
6) Click Open Stream
7) Paste this URL:
8) Click OK
9) Left Click on the stream URL that appears in the window
10) Click Add To Playlist
11) Select XeRW
12) Job done, just select the XeRW playlist whenever you want to listen to us at any time!

XeRW is also listed in the RadioSure application, which is an excellent stand-alone radio only player for Windows PCs. You can download it from here: RadioSure player website

Once installed do a search for XeRW and save it to your Favourites list.

For all other players and media streamers just type the following link into the URL field:

On your WiFi/Internet Radio:

If you have a WiFi radio that uses the vTuner, Reciva or Silicon Frontier databases, just search for XeRW under the UK section. Add to your presets using the normal method.

For other WiFi radios that don’t use the vTuner, Reciva or Silicon Frontier databases, simply add us to your ‘Personal Streams’ section by using the web interface to customise your radio. You will have to open a free account with PURE etc to do this, details will be in the manual supplied with your receiver.

On your phone:

Download the TuneIn app to your Android device, your iPad, your iPhone, or your Blackberry phone and search for XeRW.

ROKU media streaming boxes
The Roku boxes are a great way of turning your TV into a Smart TV. There are different models available, but you can install the TuneIn app on all of them and use that to listen to XeRW.

If you need any help with anything at all connected with tuning into XeRW please email us, we will be only too glad to help!

Requests, dedications, comments and suggestions are always welcome!

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2 Responses to How To Listen

  1. Hi Guys just love your broadcast XeRW I found you on my Xtreme Radio (Internet)
    I am a 64 year old radio Ham, always was a big fan of Radio Caroline I have some of their original posters in my radio room. Do you have any XeRW Stickers or posters I could have to zap up on my walls ?
    If so please give me an email & I will send you my address.
    Keep the records playing, Kind Regards Richard Cooke.

    • admin says:

      Hi Richard
      Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoy the broadcasts. sadly we don’t have any XeRW stickers or posters available at the moment, but it’s something we will consider for the future. By the way, some nice pictures on your website :-)
      Best wishes

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